Sydney Clements ’23 – CIEE Toulouse, France

Hello lovely people!!

I’m Sydney and I will be taking you through the various adventures that are my study abroad experience in Toulouse, France. I am a junior at Hope College pursuing a major in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in French. This French minor and my love for experiencing different cultures are the reasons that take me to Toulouse this fall. I will be taking part in a culture and language program specifically, taking every chance I can to practice and be fully immersed in all Toulouse, France has to offer! 

At Hope, I am part of the Greek organization Sigma Sigma and have taken part in the Pull (Go Odd Year!!), LSO executive board, Prism executive board, Rumba Latina, and the Phelps Scholars program, needless to say, I like to keep myself pretty busy. Outside of that, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching T.V. shows and movies of various genres and languages. I have become a very big activist within the last year and it will be fun to see how this translates into a different country and different culture. 

French is my third language after Spanish and English, both languages I learned when I was young and practice in my daily life. I have a passion for learning about others and how their physical place in the world and other external environmental factors aid and change their development as well as give them a unique perspective of the world that one can experience by trying to retrace that path. I find that this can best be done while, literally, speaking the language of the people you have encountered which is why I am excited about studying and living in France!! It gives me an opportunity to widen my perspective of the world not just through interaction and conversation, but with immersion as well. 

I am excited to share this journey of widening my world view and I hope that my blogs can aid in yours too  🙂