Skylar Sundquist ’20 – IES Rabat, Morocco

Hello! My name is Skylar Sundquist and I am from Big Rapids, Michigan. I am a Senior at Hope College where I am majoring in Chemistry, minoring in Biology, and on the premed track. I will be applying to medical school this June, while I am abroad!

I am spending my last semester of senior year in Rabat, Morocco, with IES Abroad. After the spring semester, I am attending the Vienna Summer School June Term. During these programs, I will be taking all general education credits, a nice break after all my science classes.

At Hope, I am a TA/PPL Leader for General Chemistry and a research assistant in the Chemistry department. I’ve also been a long-term volunteer at Resilience, a wonderful organization in Holland, MI. I’m going to miss these things, but I am even more excited to study abroad.

I am looking forward to living with a homestay family in Rabat, Morocco. I hope this experience will help me to immerse myself in the culture and improve my Arabic. Overall, I hope to get outside of my comfort zone this semester, and learn about the world and myself!

I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you!