Katie Shantz ’21 – New York Arts Program

Before you dive into my New York adventures, here’s a little about me!

My name is Katie Shantz and I’m from Rockford, IL. I’m a junior at Hope College pursuing a major in studio arts and a minor in communications. While on campus, I’m a part of Opus and on the executive board for Nykerk.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the New York Arts Program and to be taking a semester interning in New York City. While I’m here in New York I’ll be working with a painter named Melissa Meyer and a group of graphic designers that work for the company Bionic. 

What I’m most ecstatic about is the fact that I will be living in New York City for four months! As an artist, it is an absolute dream come true to get to experience the place that I have so often read about in my art history books. I’m excited for all the art I will discover whether it be in museums or just on my daily walks to the subway. I’m excited for all the food I will most likely eat and for the new connections I will hopefully make. New York is a place I could seriously see myself living in one day, so I hope you follow along on my trial run that I’m sure will be filled with breathtaking art, new music, fattening food, incredible architecture, film site seeing, and probably some funny stories too.