Kathryn Smith ’23 – IES Rome, Italy

Hey, I’m Katy!

I’m a Junior, Communication major, and I’m headed to Italy for the spring semester. I’m from Plymouth, Indiana––an extremely small town where my house is surrounded by corn fields on all four sides, literally. Despite being an actual child of the corn, I’ve always dreamed of getting to see the world’s most beautiful places. Growing up, my grandma filled our bellies with homemade meatballs and more bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar than you can imagine. Each Italian meal lovingly passed down by her mother in law, my Great Grandma Manenti. 

So, come along with me as I finally venture far, far away from corn stalks to the historic stone roads walked upon by the warriors and emperors of great. As an artist, I need to surround myself in beauty to inspire me to make some beautiful pieces of my own. I’m nervous and I’m excited, which if you know a theatre person, you know that nerves are essential. As any Hope director would tell you: “A little bit of nerves is perfect. Always be thankful for a little bit of nerves.”  (Shameless plug for Hope Theatre’s new productions Native Gardens and Bright Star! Go see them for me! And, while we’re at it, go see a Vanderprov show!) 

As the former Arts editor over on The Anchor, I’m really excited to give you guys the insights to the art in Rome. Look forward to tons of pictures, some artistic looking food, and maybe even a playlist or theatre review (or both). I want to give you the insider scoop on touching down fresh faced in Rome, and all the ins and outs you need to know. Hopefully together, we can truly learn what the saying “La gatta frettolosa ha fatto i figli ciechi” means in practice. Bye bye, American hustle culture! Hello, patient Rome!