Grace Davidson ’21 – Washington D.C. Honors Semester

Hi there! My name is Grace Davidson and I’m a sophomore studying English and philosophy (with a sprinkle of theatre on the side). With my developing degree, I dream of becoming a human rights lawyer working for human trafficking or immigration focused non-profits. 

At Hope, I participate in Hope’s International Justice Mission chapter, the Hope Theatre department, and events technical staff. I’m also a Phelps Scholar alum and a teaching assistant and researcher for the Philosophy department. 

I am participating in the Washington D.C. Honors Semester in hopes of becoming a more professional, independent woman who is closer to figuring out who she is and aspires to be. While in D.C., I am working with a non-profit called International Justice Mission as the Latin American Regional Operations intern. This includes nervously attempting to speak Spanish while learning from my mentors fighting injustice around the world. When not at work, you can find me drinking tea at the local vegan cafe!