The Castle on the Hill

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is located on what seems to be the tallest hill in Manly, Australia. Driving up to it after a weekend in the outback seemed like a dream. With only about 200 students living on campus at a time, it is a small but incredibly stunning school. Just to show how amazing it is, here are some fun facts about ICMS!

  1. It is casually known as the Hogwarts of Australia.
  2. The Great Gatsby was filmed here.
  3. There are at least 5 beaches within walking distance of campus.
  4. Downtown Manly has countless cafes (food + coffee = happiness) and shops all within walking distance of campus as well.Image result for icms campus castle

There are more aspects of ICMS that makes it great, but those are some of my favorites! On top of it all, most students only have class about three days a week, so there is so much time outside of class to go enjoy these beautiful places surrounding campus. One of the more interesting things about ICMS is that we have to dress in business professional attire to class in order to prepare us for the working world once we graduate. Even after being in class for only a few days, I feel out of place when I’m not dressed up. I feel as if I need to look as classy as this castle that I have the opportunity to live in!

I categorized this post as “daily life” which blows my mind because this paradise is my daily life here! A typical day consists of going to your 0-2 classes, then quick change into your swimmers and head down to the beach for a swim, or to watch

View from my window of Manly Beach!

the sunset down on the water. The motto of my hometown, Lake Orion, is “where living is a vacation,” but those Michiganders must never have been to Manly. This is a vacation where I get to earn college credit. It’s a win-win! Two weeks in and I’m so thankful I was given the chance to be here.



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