Falling slowly for Dublin


Aside from jet lag and my most recent state of food poisoning, I’d say Ireland is working out well for me.  Honestly, I immediately fell in love with the lights and warmth of the city of Dublin.  As soon as I saw the city coming into view from my airplane window I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be.  This is where I belong in this moment of my life.  There were a few unexpected road blocks on my way to Dublin, like an entire day long layover in New Jersey due to flight delays.  But that did not cease my growing excitement for starting this new adventure in my life.

I’d say I am most excited for starting class on Monday, but that’s also what I’m most nervous for.  It’s like the first day of school all over again…except in a new country and in a city I am completely clueless about.  I’m looking forward to my first week, and I think I just have to be patient with myself and let myself slowly get back into the groove of things.  I’m also pretty excited though because the first week of school we start right away with Theatre of Clown.  How sweet is that?  I have no clue exactly what to expect with that, but it’ll be an adventure.

I think what will help me most while I am studying abroad this semester is being completely open with myself and others.  I want learn how to jump into experiences and have fun without caring what people think and without inhibitions.  I want to learn how to take more risks with my acting and in my personal life as well.

I just have to keep telling myself that I can do this and to be strong.  Because I can do this.  I’m strong and I’m a warrior.

Going out and exploring the city
Going out and exploring the city with some new beautiful friends


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