Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hola Compañeros,

As I mention in my bio I was not originally looking to come to a university in a large city; now I am very happy I did. Not only because Puebla is a beautiful, lively city and UPAEP is a very welcoming university, but also because of how this experience is helping me mature as a person. For many of us that choose to go to school close to home, being “close to” our families can be a big priority. And once you are in one school for three years you develop strong relationships that you hope will last forever. At least that is how I felt while at Hope College this past semester and I was honestly worried all that would change because of my decision to study abroad.

It didn’t take long for me to realize studying in Mexico would not destroy the relationships I had at home; in fact, it would help me realize that these relationships are very strong. After just my first day here in Mexico I realized my friends and family would always be there for me. Although they didn’t completely understand the challenges I was experiencing of navigating a new place as a foreigner, they have shown me that I will always have their moral support and advice in tough situations. By being intentional in contacting friends and family I have felt less homesick and more motivated to bring stories back with me.


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