“Only boring people get bored.” – Sofi Byrum

These are words that I have been trying to live by throughout this semester. Sometimes it is really easy to get stuck in the routine of the week, and only live for the weekends. A typical week for me looks like Monday- Thursday working at my social work internship from 8:30-5. Don’t get me wrong, I love my internship and the relationships I have been able to build over the last several months, but it can be pretty exhausting and draining work. That’s why it is so important to find those special moments every day that keep me present and help me find joy even in those mundane days.

Whether it is finding a new song to listen to for two days straight, having a charcuterie board night with new friends, going for a morning walk with coffee and the beautiful fall leaves, making a new recipe, relishing a beautiful sunset over the mountains, or reading my favorite book at the park there are so many opportunities to create special moments out of ordinary activities. I’ve come to realize the importance of intentionally making every day special, staying present, and remaining grateful for this amazing opportunity. Sometimes it can be easy to want what we don’t have and long for more, but the only way to remain truly thankful and content is to cherish those beautifully mundane days. Those moments with friends are going to be the memories I look back on and long to relive. Staying present is such a hard skill to obtain, but so essential to our happiness.

Life isn’t only for the weekends, let’s start having fun on weekdays!

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Published by India Shear

Class of 2022 Social Work Major Denver Urban Semester

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