Zoom Out

Posing in front of spectacular view of Madrid at sunset.

What is the best way to capture the life and grandness of Spain?” I would ask myself. I can almost visualize the days flying by to my departure from this treasured land. How can I make it last? How can I portray a general overview of this place that greets me with a load of surprises?

One answer I have found is overhead shots of the cities. From such a high perspective, analyzing the “big picture” or capturing the general atmosphere of the places I have been to comes much easier. It makes the pieces easier to put together. That one moment I got lost in that one neighborhood will make much more sense when I see how its buildings fit in with its nearby locations. That one friend I met on that one street will become more memorable to me when I see the architecture and street life that surrounded our encounter.

“Zooming out” has really made me appreciate how interconnected my experience has been. It makes me see that whatever struggle I was facing at that time, outside my bubble, there was still beauty, life, and hope surrounding me, whether or not I chose to see it at that moment. Please enjoy these wonderful over-head shots of Spain and be reminded of how interconnected your experiences are with the world around you. Click on the photos to view in slideshow format with their descriptions!

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