Welcome Winter

The snow has finally started to fall here in Sighisoara! And I love it! Unlike Holland, Michigan, Sighisoara is not a windy city, and this makes the 25 minute walk into town every morning enjoyable. It is cold, but the beautiful snow, to me, makes the cold worth it. I now find myself humming Christmas carols on my walks in between buildings and activities – ’tis the season! =) The city is somehow even more beautiful with the snow-covered houses and trees, and it makes me cheerful. However, the beauty of the snow does not cover the poverty that is now, even more so during the cold times, evident. This poverty is seen predominately among the Roma population, and it has been a struggle for me, this whole semester, of how I should respond or act towards this poverty.The contrast of beauty and pain here in Sighisoara is dramatic, and it has made it difficult to know how to cope. I am still learning more (I recommend reading “When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert), but the one thing that I know for certain that I should and can do, is pray. God has shown himself faithful throughout my journey here, and one of the best things I can do for the people here is pray for them. Before, I simply saw the snow as part of God’s beautiful creation; now, I look and see the beauty of the snow as a reminder to pray for his people who are hurting, cold, and in need.

We were all so excited to see the snow. And yes, on the bottom left picture, this is Jill’s happy face ;]

Enjoy that snow =)


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