Volleyball time?

I have survived my Romanian language midterm exams!! On Monday, I had my written exam, and today I had my oral exam – which was a special birthday treat for me. 😉 It is hard to believe that the semester is already half-way over. The weeks fly by so quickly here, and it seems that I am getting busier and busier. Lately, there has been talk of starting a gym day for the teens involved in the clubs on Thursday afternoons. The idea is that I can teach the basic fundamentals of volleyball to those interested, and then hopefully coach the team (or teams) for the rest of the semester with the help of my colleagues, Lauren and Ashley (who also have played or coached volleyball in the past). Last week, we had a “trial” gym day to see who would be interested in playing volleyball, and the results were extremely positive! It was awesome to see how excited the teens were to work together and bond with their teammates. They were extremely competitive, and thrilled for the opportunity to play. An English drink company named Tizer had donated t-shirts to Veritas, and we were able to give each teen a gym day t-shirt. Even the teen leaders were given the cool matching t-shirts!

Jill, Ashley, and I looking snazzy in our Tizer t-shirts


Jill, Ashley, and I (the teen club interns) looking snazzy in our Tizer t-shirts while standing in the doorway of the International Cafe.

I have grown up playing volleyball for my entire life, and it would be exciting for me to be able to share a skill that I have been passionate about for so long. I brought a couple of volleyballs with me from the States, and we have found a high school that has a court and a net – and that is willing to let Veritas use their gym once a week for a couple of hours! The plan is almost finalized, and I am hoping that I will be able to start the week that I get back from my fall break! Exciting things are happening, and I am thankful for the many activities that keep me busy while I enjoy my time here!

Blessings to you all!!

Marga (:


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