The Candle Light Walk

My time here in Sighisoara is coming to a close, and in four days, after a short visit in Bucharest, I will be flying home. The majority of my goodbye’s to friends and staff members were said last night when Veritas held its annual Candle Light Walk throughout the citadel. The Candle Light Walk is a Veritas foundation tradition where people of the city gather together to sing carols and pray for the city of Sighisoara. The evening began in the German church, where one of the RSP students led a children’s bell choir, a couple of songs were sung by the adult choir, and messages and prayers were spoken in four different languages by local pastors and influential townspeople. It was a beautiful time of thanksgiving, reflection, and preparation of hearts for the Christmas season.

Pictured on the bottom right is a glimpse of the inside of the German church and the choir that opened our evening of caroling and praying over the city; the other three photos were taken on my walk into the citadel that night – for the last 3.5 months I have (practically daily) walked up that hill, through those gates, and have had that view of the clock-tower! These are memories that will be hard to forget! =)

After the short service in the church, the group of candle-holders, led by a large star, walked to various different buildings and churches located in the citadel to sing and pray. Although it was freezing, it was a beautiful time of fellowship and prayer. After four or five stops were made, and prayers were spoken over the town hall, a local high school, and a couple of churches, we ended our night by drinking hot tea and eating cognac bread in the Veritas owned, House on the Rock and International Cafe. The building was packed, but we were thankful for the body heat!

citadel at night
Here are more pictures from the Candle Light Walk! My friend, Ronja, and I are pictured in the top middle photo sharing a candle =)

Saying “goodbye” to the staff members and friends that I have worked alongside all semester was a little difficult and awkward for me, so we chose to say, “see you later” instead. Thankfully, social media will enable us to remain in contact, and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing pictures of how the Veritas organization grows over time. These friendships that I have made over the last semester have encouraged me and helped me to grow in numerous areas in my life. I am so thankful for the staff members and friends that I was able to meet along this incredible journey. They are great. =)

Until next time,

Marga =)




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