My first few days in Germany were spent in the city of Stuttgart. I loved the atmosphere of this city, and there was so much to do! During the mornings and afternoons while my friend, Carsten, was still in class, I spent the majority of my time just walking around the central downtown area, and admiring how the autumn colors enhanced the beauty of the historical buildings. Also, Doro, Carsten’s sister, took the time to show me around the city and take me to some of her favorite cafes. We went shopping together (which I normally do not like to do), but it was actually a lot of fun! The majority of our time was spent visiting sports-gear stores, bookstores, and shoe stores (which are my favorite stores to shop at). And I had a lot of fun helping her choose which snowboarding coat to buy. During the evenings, Carsten, Doro, and I would enjoy the city lights and night-life. And on the one afternoon that it rained, I was able to spend that time in the Stuttgart Art Museum!

Some of my favorite pictures
Some of my favorite pictures from the city

In my opinion, one of the best views of Stuttgart was from the Sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg Hill. The chapel overlooks hills of vineyards, and the colorful autumn leaves were a perfect touch to the picturesque view. The climb up the hill was also a highlight. With permission from the grape harvesters, we walked straight up the hill through the vineyards, and were instructed to eat as many grapes as we desired! I love fresh grapes, and am convinced that one day I will have my own vines in my backyard.

Fantastic view! Clouds and all! :)
Fantastic view! Clouds and all! =)

Stuttgart was fantastic, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend part of my vacation in this city!

More to come on my German adventures!

Auf Wiedersehen! 😉



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