Starting off Right

Hi again!
Life in Japan post number TWO. Here we go!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first few days in Japan were wonderful. Let me go into further detail about that here!

I arrived in Japan on March 25th in the late afternoon. My flight was 13 hours long and I had to wait in Narita Airport for almost an hour because my paperwork was just slightly off, so I was frazzled, tired, and in need of a shower. So, needless to say, I was very comforted by the fact that I had a family to stay with for the next 5 nights.

Now, the family that I stayed with was not an official host family, because my program offers a dorm housing during the semester, but since I came to Japan a few days before the program started, I needed somewhere to stay, so one of my friends at Hope College graciously offered for me to stay with her family!

On top of my first-day frazzlement, I also experienced a few nerve-wracking things that would have left me a mess if I had not had my host family there with me to make things easier. (Ordering food is so hard, knowing what kind of shampoo to buy is hard…and I touched upon this a little in the last post, but traveling by yourself for the first time on the train can be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing.)

This is my host mom and I on my first night! I’m not a huge fan of taking selfies, but we had to make sure to send my mom a picture to assure her I was safe and sound 🙂

Even on my first night, I truly felt like I had been living there for a long time already. My room was very comfortable and felt like my own.

I loved these decorations because they both reminded me of home in different ways.
I loved these decorations because they both reminded me of home in different ways.

I was also treated to many kinds of vegetarian-friendly foods…


…took a stab at baking…

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