IMG_0008Its my 2nd full day in Athens and its a balmy 60 degrees outside (which sounds wonderful compared to the -21 degree weather in Minneapolis and the blizzards in Holland!!). I’m still a bit jet lagged (The 8 hour time difference is a little bit to get used to!) but its getting a little easier each day. My parents came with me to help me get all settled in, and today we get to find out which apartment I will be living in and get to move my stuff. Yesterday we walked all around the city exploring to get a lay of the land. One of the challenges has been finding grocery stores to get gluten-free food since most of the map directions and websites are all in Greek. Last night we ate at a delicious Greek restaurant which gave a wonderful sample of what traditional food is like here. We had pureed fava beans, a traditional greek salad, and I had some tomato-cumin chicken. Best of all, for dessert, there was yogurt with a fruit syrup. It was phenomenal!!!! We get oriented tonight, and tomorrow already (at 7am!) we take a bus to Voula to start working on the dig.

Until next time!

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