Love At First Flight


It felt like love at first flight when I first landed in Madrid.  My first time being outside of the continent of North America gave me unbearable happiness.  I could not help but release some of this joy through expressive eyebrow raising, dramatic gasps, and oh-my-goshes as I watched my dream unfold before me.  While everyone seemed to stay calm around me in the airport, on the bus to the CIEE office, and in the public squares, I was bouncing with anticipation.  I felt like a child overflowing with innocent God-given wonder.  The friendly Spanish people were not hesitant to sit next to me, a stranger, nor were they too reserved to happily answered my questions as I ordered tapas. I felt very free.  I felt so free that I got lost on my way back to my lovely home-stay!  I took that time to ask for directions in Spanish, to sight-see, and to act like a local.  It feels like I am falling in love with Madrid already, and I have only been here one day!

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