Halloween Fun

I ventured to County Meath as part of a Halloweeen Themed exploration. I saw the Tara Mounds, historic burial grounds, while also marveling at the landscape and the wildlife. I came upon a pack of sheep who quickly ran away. I saw cows feasting on their typical diet of grass and mowing all the way along. I scurried with dogs and also took part in several rituals to both honour the dead and recognize the position of the living.

It was a long bus ride to and from Tara, 4 hours total, but I caught up on the sleep that I didn’t get the night before. Some of us went out for drinks and dancing after, completing a long day of exploration and spending time with the friends that I have made in my 5 weeks here.

Folks, since there are only 7 weeks left, I have to fit as much as I can into these next couple of weeks. Our Fall Break is coming up very soon, and I plan on going to London. But meanwhile, dancing will do, and as my adventures in Dublin continue, you will hear more about me finding out who I am while I am halfway across the world.

More to come, Dublin out!





















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