FC Bayern vs. Freiburg

A German soccer game is an experience like no other: fans chanting and singing throughout the whole game, flags and team scarves waving around, and an infectious buzz of excited energy. Early last month, some friends and I submitted a ticket request for the FC Bayern München soccer game against Freiburg. Luckily, we got tickets to a game of the most beloved soccer club in Germany at their home stadium, Allianz Arena in Munich.

On the train to Munich the morning of the game, we were among both Freiburg and FC Bayern fans. Once in Munich, the subways to Allianz Arena were extremely crowded. The stadium holds 75,000 fans, and the game was sold out.

Freiburg vs. FC Bayern München at Allianz Arena.
Freiburg vs. FC Bayern München at Allianz Arena.

During the introductions at the start of the game, the announcer says each player’s first name, and the entire crowd shouts each last name. After a goal is scored, the announcer says each team’s name and the crowd follows with how many points that team has. The back-and-forth after a goal goes something like this:

announcer: “Bayern”

fans: “2”

announcer: “Freiburg”

fans: “1”

announcer: “Danke”

fans: “Bitte”

The unity and enthusiasm of German soccer fans is unique and spectacular. The crowd is a constant roar of cheering, especially from the standing section. Upbeat music and team songs play at breaks in the game.

The final score was 2:1 with a win for Bayern. Goretzka and Lewandowski scored goals for the team. At the end of the game, nearly the whole stadium stood and cheered. One of Bayern’s many team songs played, and the fans sang along. Exhilaration filled the stadium as the fans celebrated on the way out of the game.

Other Sights in Munich

After the game, we spent the night in Munich and did some sightseeing the following day. Here are some highlights:

Rathaus in Munich.
Rathaus in Munich.

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