A Quick Visit to the Capital City

Hola a todos! This past week has been such a blast! Like always my Monday and Wednesday class-filled days have been quite long, but I never seem to dread them. I suppose the pure fact that I am able to be in Spain while attending school helps with that aspect. On Thursday, after their week […]

University of the South Pacific

I am currently taking classes at the University of the South Pacific in Apia, Samoa. The USP is a fascinating and extremely unique organization. Because the islands of the South Pacific are scattered throughout thousands of miles, and many of the islands are extremely small, there had been difficulty throughout the years in establishing a […]

The Countdown

It is a beautiful day here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And here I sit, stressing about the next few months because, well, I leave in July to go study abroad! I am excited and terrified and so, SO pumped to go. It has been a dream of mine to study abroad since I was very young. Spanish […]

The Cyclops: Greek Theater in Center Stage

The semester is finally winding down, and that means due dates of final papers, exams, and projects and looming closer by the day. One of the more enjoyable final semester projects has been the ancient Greek theater performance for my Attic Tragedy class. Throughout the semester, we have been reading through the works of famous […]

Found in Translation

Way back in January, I opted to take a French-English translation class at Rennes 2. This means I got graded alongside native French students. Who speak French. Natively. This suggested two possible outcomes: 1.) I would perish in the ocean of French vocabulary I did not know. Aware I was going waaaay in over my […]

Jordan: Meandering around the Middle East

It’s finally Spring Break at CYA!! For our week off, my friend Shea and I decided on a non-traditional spring break location and go to Jordan! Jordan might be the most beautiful, incredible place I have been so far, which is really saying something after traveling around Greece. The culture is very different here, which […]

Environmental Awareness and an Anecdote That Ends with Coffee.

One thing I know I’ll take away from France is an increased environmental consciousness.  I thought I already had some things going for me–I don’t use plastic bags. I walk or bike if my destination is within a reasonable distance. I recycle. But in France, they have a much heightened sense of ecologic responsibility, and […]

The Peloponese!

Wow! These last few weeks have been crazy! Between traveling and studying, there hasn’t been too much time for much else, including writing about everything! Two weeks ago, the CYA program took all 86 of the students on a week-long trip around the Peloponnese, or the large southern peninsula that protrudes into the Mediterranean. The […]