Casiana Gibson ’25 – IES Santiago, Chile

Hola a Todos!
I’m Casiana, welcome to my blog! I am a social work major, and a double minor in Peace and Justice and Spanish. I will be spending this semester in Santiago, Chile, on a program focused on “Politics, Social Justice, and Language.” As a local Michigander and third generation Hope student, I am thrilled to venture from the familiarity of freshwater lakes and four extreme seasons to the diverse landscapes and inspirational fine arts of Chile.

I am overjoyed to take part in this program, because it reflects my heart for justice and curiosity and it encourages questions. I hope to integrate and learn from the people, values, and language I encounter. I will share with you my joys and fears as I learn about myself and new cultures. My blogs will be vulnerable, honest, and hopefully exciting as I am challenged and encouraged during my time abroad.

Join me as I travel to Santiago, Chile and experience the hidden beauties of Chile’s capital :).