Ayanna Bailey ’23 – IES Barcelona, Spain


My name is Ayanna and I’m a rising senior from Kentwood, Michigan. After much contemplation, I am now studying psychology and neuroscience here at Hope. I am also involved in Women of Color United, ResLife, STEP, Dance Marathon, FACES, First Generation Student Union, and the Phelps Scholars program! You may be wondering why that list seems extensive – long story short, I try to experience as much as possible. If you’re into the Enneagram, I am indeed a wing 7 (the enthusiast). So, the enthusiast in me, combined with the cinematic masterpiece that is The Cheetah Girls 2, make up why I decided to travel to Barcelona through the IES Arts & Culture program for the fall semester.

Did she just say she wants to travel to Spain because of The Cheetah Girls?? Yes, yes I did. BUT furthermore, I would love to learn about the various cultures and perspectives in a different part of the world. As someone who has never traveled out of the US, I cannot wait for the incredible experiences that await! I look forward to learning in an entirely new environment and admiring the beauty of Spain through extensive exploration. Please join me on this exciting journey!

Hasta luego,