Autumn Balamucki ’21 – SIT Cuzco, Peru

Hello! My name is Autumn Balamucki and I am a junior at Hope studying History and International Studies. I am from Traverse City, Mi, but am thrilled to have the opportunity to call Cuzco, Perú, home for the next few months. While I’m not majoring in Spanish, I am excited to grow in my language abilities throughout the semester and – hopefully – use this blog as an escape back into English for a while!

Northern Michigan born and bred, I enjoy reading, card games, hiking, and (most) outdoor activities (that don’t end in me spraining my ankle). In Perú, I am most excited to climb Machu Picchu and indulge in my love of history by being able to study first-hand what I study in classes. I can’t wait to share this experience with all of you through the people and stories that I discover along the way!