My First Ceilidh!

Firstly, it’s pronounced “kay-lee.” Yes, I had no clue how to say it when I first saw it as well. However, once you get over how weirdly it’s spelled, you’ll realize that ceidlidhs are the best! So what is a ceilidh? Think square dancing, but replace cowboy boots with kilts and country music with Scottish […]

Freshers Week Thoughts

After traveling around London, Stratford, and Chatsworth, I’ve officially made it to Scotland! My family helped me move into my single room (with a private bathroom!) on a cloudy day in Aberdeen, and from the minute I walked into my dorm, I could tell orientation week (or “Freshers Week”) was going to be a lot […]

Scottish Studies

Wait… this isn’t vacation? My junior year officially took off on September 12, but I don’t feel like a third-year student at all. Spending a semester abroad means that I have to get used to a whole new accent, a whole new country, and, of course, a whole new way of schooling. I’ve found after […]

“Cheerio” From England!

If you know me, you probably know that I’m studying this fall at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. However, my parents and I traveled abroad early so that we could have a little UK vacation before moving me into “uni.” Here’s a little bit of what we did and saw! We spent most of […]