The Time I Felt Like a Prince

I was on a balcony. I had a view. There were gardens, mountains, and pieces of art. A cool breeze was passing through. The only thing that was missing was my princely clothes and my crown. My visit to the monastery of El Escorial was like a fairy tale story. This giant monument is located […]

The Artsy Giants

Attractive people, efficient public transportation system, surprises at every corner, and cool-sounding colloquial words are just some of the things I have liked most about my study abroad experience here in Spain. However, one of my favorite things has been the architecture. Even though I am not an expert that can identify the different kinds […]

A Recycled Cathedral?

Click on the photos below to view as a slideshow and descriptions! I do not think I had ever heard the words “recycled” and “cathedral” together like this until CIEE, the program through which I am studying abroad, sent out the cultural activity invitation. Out of curiosity I registered for the event and waited to […]

From Santa Teresa to Cervantes

“Medieval walls? Santa Teresa de Jesus? A 16th century home?” were questions that were going through my head as I toured the nearby cities of Avila and Alcala de Henares. I could not contain myself when I found myself face to face with thousands of years of history. What topped off the experience was that […]

¿Dónde empezar?

So much has happened in the past few days that I feel a gallery of photos would better express my excitement for the wonders that I had the privilege of beholding.  The enormous Palacio Real (ironically, the king and queen do not live here), the beautiful and monumental Almudena Cathedral where the current king and […]

Love At First Flight

   It felt like love at first flight when I first landed in Madrid.  My first time being outside of the continent of North America gave me unbearable happiness.  I could not help but release some of this joy through expressive eyebrow raising, dramatic gasps, and oh-my-goshes as I watched my dream unfold before me. […]