Cape town

I spent my last few two days in South Africa in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Compared to Durban the parts of Cape Town I saw were very touristy and European. The city is in between the ocean and the mountains. So anywhere you go the views are breathtaking. Speaking of mountains, let’s talk […]

A piece of my soul…

Why did I go to South Africa? The answer to that question has changed dramatically since I left for Durban on August 20th.  I went to South Africa to focus on the racial history of the country to get an international perspective on race. I spent some time intentionally pondering race in South Africa but […]

Review of Durban

Here are the top five things I loved about Durban, South Africa: 1. Midnight walks on the beach I lived in Windermere flats my last month in Durban. My apartment overlooked the ocean and the city skyline. So of course one of my favorite things to do at night was walk along the beach. The […]

Living in discomfort

Wanna hear an irony everyone? The more I am in Durban the more I understand white Americans discomfort in entering other cultural spaces. On Monday, October 27th, I went to a Black Consciousness talk about Black Consciousness and democracy. I didn’t really know what to expect, so when the host introduced the first speaker Chumani […]

“Now watch me whip, watch me nae-nae…”

Ok all, prepare your minds and hearts for a bit of a rant. After being in South Africa for two months, I wonder if Americans fully understand the pervasiveness of American popular (pop) culture globally. What do I mean? Well I’ll bet, and I’m not a betting person, that you can walk up to any kid […]

Learning to be present…

When I arrived in Johannesburg almost two months ago, my academic director kept reiterating the idea of being present in South Africa for the time that we are here. He began to explain that South Africa is not as Wi-Fi connected as the US therefore; my peers and I should try to adjust to our […]

Mozambique there and back again

September 20-23rd, my peers and I drove to Maputo, Mozambique from Durban, South Africa in order to get an on the ground look at the relationship between South Africa (ANC) and Mozambique (Frelimo) during and post apartheid. In order to get to Maputo we crossed the South African border into Swaziland then from Swaziland into […]

Getting over homesickness & Some touristy moments

Sawubona (hello or I see you in Zulu) Friends and Family, Hope all is well in the US of A. So it’s week 3 here in Durban, can you believe it?! I know I can’t, sometimes I feel like I just got here and sometimes like I’ve been here for 6 months. But anyway let’s […]