Coffee in the Mountains

This past weekend, my program took us on a weekend retreat to the mountains, and it was one of the most reflective and inspirational weekends I’ve had here in the DR. Communities in the countryside often have some agricultural component that employs some of the people who live there. In Bonao, some of the locals […]

Climbing the Mountain of Culture Shock

I’ve been in the Dominican Republic for 6 weeks now and it’s been nothing short of surprising, stretching, nurturing, and adventurous. The weather is gorgeous, and the hustle and bustle of the city have grown on me. One thing that I am still navigating is my interesting experience with culture shock while here, and I […]

The Greenest Campus on Earth

Finding My Place of Peace in Santiago Whenever I miss home or am frustrated or just need some air I go for a walk. The campus of PUCMM has got to be the best place to soothe the soul because of its plentiful greenery that facilitates oxygen-rich air. So, here’s a compilation of pictures and […]

Wait, and You Will Find Your People.

Finding my way has been slightly more challenging than anticipated. I figured it would be easy to make friends being a part of a program rather than directly enrolling in an institution. I was wrong…and that’s okay. I am currently navigating the life of a student in the Dominican Republic. I’ve studied alone, watched movies […]

¡Viviendo en la República Dominicana!

It’s official! I’ve been in la República Dominicana for an entire week, and I’m loving it! Although I don’t speak much Spanish, I have fully immersed myself into Dominican culture by living with a host family and doing everything I can to be in the community. From the rhythmic music and dancing to the rich […]