Is That A Whale?! Nope Just A Rock

Howzit?! Last weekend I spent time away at the¬†Hermanus Whale Festival about two and half hours away from campus. My program sponsored the event and about thirty Americans signed up. We left Friday night and stayed through until late Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to get away from campus for a few days and […]

Gaining Some Altitude

Hello Friends! Yesterday I went on an anticipated three to four hour hike that turned into a seven hour hike. You know, you just can’t rush when you are going along. There are so many things to look at and so many different things to climb. I went with another student, Luke from Indiana, and […]

New Day New Experience

Howzit! Wow, I cannot believe how long I have been in Cape Town already! The time is just flying by! I apologize to those who have been waiting on the blog- it took awhile to get everything set up, there were some issues with uploading the photos and school has been rather hectic lately! I […]