Getting Involved

I’ve written a lot about my travels away from Salamanca on the weekends, but having a home base in this city is very important for my experience. We were told when we arrived that we have to be careful if we were planning on traveling every weekend because we are here to immerse ourselves specifically […]

Field Trip to Atapuerca and Burgos

The religion class through IES Salamanca takes a field trip every year to Atapuerca and Burgos, Spain. La Sierra de Atapuerca is an archaeological site that contains some of the earliest human remains in Europe. We have been learning about prehistory and the idea of religion during that time, so the perfect place to visit […]

Studying Abroad (Emphasis on Study)

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to meet new people, see new places, and learn new things about how the world works. It’s also still a semester of college classes. This week was my first week of classes and it was similar to any other first week of school. Each of my classes loosely followed […]