Varying Landscapes of Peru

Peru is a varied and diverse place, whether you’re talking in terms of cultures and linguistics diversity, biodiversity, or the landscapes themselves. To set the mood with a story, I’ll begin with a bit of food (as is my habit)… To the left, you will notice something green and slimy on the tip of my […]

¿Eres francés? and other ironies

Well then! Here’s my food for the post, known colloquially in Quechua as lawa wallpa chaki, and in English as the exquisite Chicken foot soup. Okay, so I told a white lie. Rather than soup, it was perhaps more akin to couscous, which my host family served to me cooked with the foot of a chicken to give […]

Going bananas; a little experience starting the ISP

While perhaps I haven’t been the best at posting regularly, that will certainly change! Here’s some background information: SIT Abroad has a policy to include a course called “ISP,” or the Independent Study Project of the semester. The ISP follows introductory coursework meant to prepare the students for a topic of their choice, mine being […]


Touchdown! As in… on an airplane in Cuzco! The past few weeks have been filled with travel, climbing hills, picking some fruit here and there, and meeting lots of new people. A week and a half ago my study abroad program officially started in Lima, Peru, and for the past several days I have been taking […]