Winding Down?

In one week I’ll be done with the classroom portion of my time abroad… nuts!  I’m staying in Europe for the majority of the summer to travel and volunteer a bit, and so ready for a change of pace and fresh adventure!  


Recently I had the opportunity to go to Paris!  With all the hype, fantasy, and dreaminess that surrounds this city I was a little skeptical, almost going as a sort of obligation (I am in France, after all). Well I can now safely say that Paris is worth all the fuss… it’s magical! It’s a city made for wandering, my specialty, and while my friend and I hit up the major tourist spots the majority of our time was spent walking, exploring, and running into the most beautiful things by accident.  I have plans to go there again before I leave for the States, and I’m sure that there is an entirely new adventure waiting.


Picnic of my favorite things on bank of the Seine!

I recently finished up my volunteering at Alliances et Cultures, an organization that promotes equality and fights discrimination in their community through a variety of channels:  cinema, ludotheque (think library of games), community planned vacations, classes, help navigating the crazy French administration system.  I helped with homework and taught a bit of English with their after school program.  It was challenging, but a great example of how to unite a very diverse community in practical and useful ways. 

Now I’m off to study for final exams, write a giant paper, and prepare a presentation… I’m sure many of you are doing similar things. Bon courage! 


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