Growing in Faith and Understanding.

Wow, I am already finished with week 7 of my semester off-campus. I knew that I would grow in many ways, but these five were not what I expected.

Research is hard.  

Where do I even begin here. Research is something I always have found interesting. I like learning things I didn’t know before; but, there are so many  types of research intended to bring subjects to light in different ways. Humanities research, as my professor this semester would say, is, “obsessed with the past. Humanities looks at the impact of something at its time, and only its time.” That struck me to my core. Since being in Chicago, I have learned that Humanities research, although incredibly fascinating, is not where I want to spend my time—not entirely, anyways. Although this may be a difficult “pill to swallow,” I am thankful I learned this about myself now, rather than later.

Pasta DOES get boring after a week of eating it. (?!)

Go out, people! I am serious, you are only off campus in this cool city/town/place once. I spent a week straight eating pasta for dinner every night. “Who could get sick of pasta?” you might ask. I am telling you, everyone could. Eating out only becomes expensive and unhealthy if you are not careful. Eating in can be just as unhealthy and expensive! I have made many a microwaved meal, and I am up for a home-cooked meal. Mom? Dad? Where are you in your infinite cooking wisdom?

Branching out is necessary.

This week I have been so blessed to reach out to other students in my program. The first couple weeks I had become close with my roommates, but only my roommates! That being said, I wanted to get to know the other students on the program. On a Monday, in the midst of intense studying, a group of us took a look around the room. Nobody wanted to be reading another page of their book. Someone sighed, “I just want a donut.” No wiser words have been spoken in that library! Immediately a group of us got together and ventured out into Chicago. We stumbled upon a quaint donut shop named, Glazed and Infused. If I hadn’t branched out, I would have missed out on some cool conversation with some people who are now becoming good friends of mine. I could explain to you the joys of this delicious donut, but I would rather show you.

God works in mysterious, mysterious ways.

This is probably the most important thing, that I am still learning about! I have loved this program in how it has brought me closer to God. My reliance on Him has grown stronger every day. I find it important to dedicate my time, when I have it, to digging into His Word. Through my time exploring different devotionals, I have come to understand the Bible in a new light, and God’s Love in a deeper way.

Ask me about my off-campus experience,

and I will tell you that it has been eye-opening in the best way possible.

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