A weekend trip to…the dentist?

Yia sas, readers! As the weekend quickly approaches I thought it is necessary to put down a few words about the happenings of last weekend and the first week of classes before they become eclipsed by the upcoming weekend escapades. As the title of this blog already revealed, I spent Friday afternoon in a dentist chair after one of my fillings politely fell out on Thursday morning. Fortunately, I was not at a loss since I had spent the day before chatting with a girl whose filling fell out on Tuesday. Most people make friends abroad because they share the same major; I make friends with those who share my dental woes. Anyway, we had back-to-back appointments with a lovely dentist who fixed us right up in no time. The language barrier was only a slight problem when she asked me “…do you need the evidence?” (receipt), but the sign for “WOW THAT HURTS!” is basically the same in all languages, especially if a dentist has her hands in your mouth.

A lovely, sunny church among the shopping in the neighborhood of Monastiraki which means “little monastery.”

On Mondays and Wednesdays I only have a half day of class, so I spent this afternoon in Monastiraki, which is just a twenty minute walk north east of my neighborhood Pangrati; Monastiraki is neighbors with the famous Syntagma Square. I went with a friend to a hip poetry coffee bar/bookstore/printing shop called Poems&Crime. Since I am determined to use the Greek language, I ordered “para kalo ena cappuccino sketo,” a cappuccino with no cream and sugar, please.

The waiters are always very kind and patient with me but usually speak English for the remainder of our interactions; perhaps it is too painful for them to hear me butcher their difficult language! The cafe was very trendy and full of people, which is always a good sign. I smelled all the vices of our world there – coffee, wine, cigarettes. I heard American indie pop through the speakers, (also a vice if you ask me). The coffee tasted strong and simple. I saw a lot of affectionate couples sitting close in their booths, and I thumbed through the pages of my homework, without ever really reading a word.

Alas I must keep this short; the ghost of Plato taps my shoulder and reminds me to read the Crito before my philosophy class tomorrow. The classes I am undertaking are mostly entry level and are not too labor intensive so far. I am enjoying the pace of life here and the weather is finally warming up. This weekend I am planning to visit the Acropolis: stay tuned!

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