Welcome to the Mellon Scholars Blog. Over the next few months, this blog will be

14390639_1149509928437805_6078842723332815139_nexploring a variety of topics.  Research, a day in the life as a Mellon scholar, community events, conference presentations and numerous Mellon festivities will all be featured at some point. We hope that the blog will offer the reader a glimpse into the Mellon program and how its members carry out scholarly research, academic presentations, community engagement and overall excellence in their day-to-day college lives.

The Mellon Scholars

The Mellon Scholars program aims to combine humanities research with digital platforms and presentation. The program recruits talented freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. After undergoing a competitive selection process,  students take two interdisciplinary seminars in their sophomore year, each focused on research in the digital humanities. At the end of this year, students present collaborative digital projects that are the result of the entire year’s work.

Who are the Mellon Scholars?

14191954_1131891136866351_6595221005175628559_nMellon scholars are mostly humanities majors, but even this belies the breadth of majors and disciplines represented. Current Mellon scholars range from historians to dramatists to environmental scientists.  Mellons can also be found in a variety of campus extracurriculars as well. Theater, Dance Marathon, Hope Democrats and a myriad of honors societies number among the other organizations Mellons can be found in.


One of the program’s goals for this year is to increase the sense of academic community among members. This blog will attempt to chronicle these social events for students, as well as some of the many Mellon events scholars will be involved in. Follow this blog throughout the year for insight into the Mellon program. Our next blog, released in early November, will be composed of interviews with Mellons about their research this semester.  Stay tuned for more!

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