The Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities


What is UNRH? 

“The Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities (UNRH) is an organization committed to promoting, presenting, and encouraging rigorous student research in the humanities with an emphasis on incorporating digital technologies. We at UNRH fulfill our mission by hosting a competitive annual conference for accepted undergraduates with impressive digital humanities projects. As a project manager and co-founder, I have had the privilege of watching UNRH develop from an idea to two years of successful collaboration among students from all over North America. The idea for UNRH came when I met six other undergraduates at the IliADS Digital Humanities conference in the summer of 2015. We were there as assistants for our professors, and after sharing ideas about tools, projects, and research, we realized just how valuable time together with other undergraduates from different backgrounds and institutions can be. Thus the idea was born for a conference just for undergraduates. We designed a website and received approval from Davidson to host our first conference. Then we planned, crafted, and created a conference, received and reviewed applications, and finally held UNRH 2015 at Davidson College on November 6th a mere two and a half months after our first meeting at ILiADS. Having just returned from our second conference, this year at Washington & Lee University, I am blown away by how far our initial idea has come. I am excited to see the what UNRH becomes in the years to come.” -Taylor Mills ’17.

What’s it like going to a research conference? 

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“This January, I had the chance to travel to Lexington, Virginia, to present at the 2nd Annual Conference sponsored by the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities. The conference itself was remarkable, as it was the first chance I had to engage directly with other digital humanists from regional liberal arts schools. Just the chance to talk side-by-side with other students about their prospective endeavors in the digital humanities both amazed and inspired me. Additionally, it was incredibly rewarding to receive feedback for my own research project on Boston’s 1976 Bicentennial celebrations.  Though it was only UNRH’s second year, the opportunity to involve myself in a strong and ever-growing network of digital humanists was invaluable. It revealed to me just how vast the universe of the digital humanities is and how we as students continue to adapt and shape future research.”-Cullen Smith ’17.

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