The Mellon Seminar

What have you learned in the Mellon seminar this year? What are your favorite parts?

“My favorite part about the Mellon Scholars seminar thus far is the opportunity

to be around and collaborate with my cohort on the subjects we’re tackling within digital liberal arts and research. It has been new to us all, in a way.  Being able to hear the thoughts of my intelligent and passionate classmates on topics like considering user experience or writing research questions is so valuable, because it allows me to better dive into these subjects myself. When certain projects seem tough, we definitely lean on our own groups (shout-out to Founding Sistas)! But we also have a great camaraderie as a cohort in general. I’ve been able to meet people with passions for so many different subjects within the humanities, and even outside it, too; from French to Political Science to Women and Gender Studies, these fellow students bring perspectives into the classroom that will benefit us all long after we leave it.”-Kelly Arnold ’19.

“Our seminar has allowed me to develop and hone my research skills, as well as introduced me to new technologies. My eyes have been opened to all of the amazing things that you can research, and how disciplines can cross to create projects that I never would have thought of. Working with my team members who are passionate about our topic has been a delight, and has shown me what can really be accomplished when people apply themselves to a task they love. I love to learn, and this program has allowed me to discover complementary areas of study to mix with my primary discipline, furthering my desire for knowledge in an incredible way.” -Rachel Brumagin ’19. 

“I loved the exposure to high-level digital research, especially in fields outside the 
hard science realm. The subjects we analyzed spanned across several significant and relevant aspects of the humanities. The research projects we conducted made me feel as though I was contributing important findings to the world of academia, even as an undergraduate. I was also appreciative of the amount of group collaboration and the relationships I eventually developed with my peers throughout the first semester.”-Irene Gerrish ’19.

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