Mellons at Conferences

What opportunities do Mellons have to present their research?

In my experience, Mellon Scholars are much more likely to be involved in a variety of groups and programs around campus. I’m currently the Vice President of the Gamma-Omicron chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta historical honors society. We sent three members to a regional conference at Andrews University on April 7th. Two out of the three members were Mellons. Conferences like this are great places to interact with students from other schools. They’re also very enthralling at times. I heard some great paper presentations that day. It’s also a great environment to hear feedback on projects. Matt Meyerhuber, another Mellon, actually won an award for his paper. There are plenty of opportunities for Mellon Scholars to go to conferences like this and I’d encourage scholars to attend at least one while at Hope. “-Jon Tilden, ’17.

I attended the National Council on Undergraduate Research this year. It was a beautifully orchestrated showcase of the nation’s most pertinent research and poised researchers. Spending four days with students from your own college at the University of Memphis, with easy access to downtown, accompanies presenting and observing high quality research well. It was wonderful to be surrounded by students from all over the country who were similarly toggling with important questions about the world. Also, the barbecue was so worth it!”-Irene Gerrish, ’19.

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