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elizabeth-ensinkWhat are you doing for Mellon credit this semester? 

“This semester I’m taking COMM 255: Writing for Media, which counts for Mellon credit without an extra project. In the class, we’re learning basic journalism skills while developing our abilities to disseminate news across digital platforms such as Twitter and WordPress. Everyone in the class gets to choose a “beat” to write on for all the assignments, so it’s a great way to bring in your own interests. I’m covering undergraduate research and events in the natural sciences at Hope College.
“-Elizabeth Ensink, ’17.


 “In my Mellon experience this semester, I have been examining Vietnam War cullen-smith-1literature with Prof. Gruenler in the English Department. Though I do not have a thesis statement yet for my final paper, I am trying to analyze Vietnam War literature, mainly the “meta”-narratives of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, Going After Cacciato, etc, against more journalistic forms of war writing, such as Michael Herr’s Dispatches and A Bright Shining Light by Neil Sheehan. From these works, I plan to apply a lens of literary criticism to the various works to analyze their expressions of truth versus what “seems” to be the truth. So far, I have considered a few lenses, particularly structuralism, deconstruction, and new historicism, but of course, I need to do a little more reading. I am particularly excited in the results at the end of the semester!” -Cullen Smith, ’17.


“I’m researching the representation of minority on the covers of popular magazines, such as Seventeen, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Playboy and Health. In the past year, I have seen an influx of minority women on magazines, but what issue of the magazine is it? Will you see a black woman on the cover of Vogue’s beauty issue? How do magazines cast minority women versus white women?”-Hannah Pikaart, ’18.


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