The Benefits Of Digital Enhancement

With registration right around the corner, let us explore some of the benefits of adding a Digital Enhancement course to your schedule. Firstly, there is a vast array of classes across campus (all of which will be listed below). Each class offers different digital skills which are useful for different types of projects. Communication courses, […]

What Does It Mean to Be a Mellon Scholar? (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, I talked with Cherish Joe, a first-time Mellon Scholar, and Studio Art Major. She shared insight on the Arts aspect of the Mellon Scholars Program. In this installment, I went in search of more answers. The Alumna Madalyn Muncy-Piens, a 2013 graduate, graciously answered my questions about her […]

The Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities

  What is UNRH?  “The Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities (UNRH) is an organization committed to promoting, presenting, and encouraging rigorous student research in the humanities with an emphasis on incorporating digital technologies. We at UNRH fulfill our mission by hosting a competitive annual conference for accepted undergraduates with impressive digital humanities projects. […]

The Mellon Seminar

What have you learned in the Mellon seminar this year? What are your favorite parts? “My favorite part about the Mellon Scholars seminar thus far is the opportunity to be around and collaborate with my cohort on the subjects we’re tackling within digital liberal arts and research. It has been new to us all, in […]