Off on a Tangent 18.07

Joint Mathematics Meetings

Professor Edwards sent in a couple of pictures from the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, Colorado. One is the obligatory ABS (awkward boarding selfie) of herself, Prof. Yurk, Cole Persch, Eric Leu, and Jack Krebsbach as they embarked on their journey. (And no, that is not Prof. Cusack’s head in the background.)

The other picture is of Nathan Graber (2012 Hope graduate) presenting at the meetings. Nathan is finishing his PhD at University of Colorado at Denver.

Problem of the Fortnight

The Van De Lay pharmaceutical company has developed two new drugs (call them A and B) for the treatment of uromycytisis.  In the first clinical trial, drug A cures 20% of the cases, and drug B cures 15% of the cases.  In the second clinical trial, drug A cures 85% of the cases and drug B cures 75% of the cases.  And yet, taken over both clinical trials, drug A has a 41.7% cure rate and drug B has a 55.0% cure rate.

Determine (i) the relationship between the number of people receiving drug A in the two trials and (ii) the relationship between the number of people receiving drug B in the two trials that would explain these figures.

Put your solution in an old medicine bottle and drop it in the Problem of the Forntight slot outside Professor Mark Pearson’s office, room 212 in The Werf, by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 24.  As always, be sure to include your name and the name(s) of your math professor(s) — e.g. H.E. Pennypacker, Dr. Martin Van Nostrand — on your solution.     

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