Off on a Tangent 17.7 (part b)

Help needed in pre-colloquium build

We need a few students to help build the object shown below. This object (which I’m sure we will learn the name of during the colloquium) will be used in the colloquium on symmetry (details below). We will start the build at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, January 29 February 5 in the lobby outside the lecture halls on the first floor of VanderWerf. The build will probably last until around 4:00 PM. If you can’t come at the beginning, you are still welcomed to help when you can. As a bonus you can earn a colloquium credit for helping build!

Math Colloquium on Symmetry next week

  • Title: Symmetry: A mathematical approach using group theory and linear algebra
  • Speaker: Dr. David Reimann, Albion College
  • When/Where: 4 pm on Tue, Jan 29 Feb 5 in VanderWerf 102
Abstract: Symmetric patterns are used in many situations to decorate an object with a repeating motif that is translated, rotated, or reflected without changing size. We will see examples of several symmetry types and look at these from the vantage point of group theory. In particular, we will study rosette patterns, frieze patterns, wallpaper patterns, and patterns on the sphere. We will then see how we can create all these pattern types with a unified framework based on the vectors and matrices of linear algebra.

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