Off on a Tangent 17.6

Mathematical gift ideas It is that time of year. No, not final exams, Christmas shopping. But what do you get the math geek on your Christmas list this year? To help you out, Business Insider made a list of some awesome gifts that include a Klein Bottle bottle opener, a telescope for your iPhone, chocolate gaming dice, […]

Off on a Tangent 17.5 (part b)

Graph Pebbling colloquium this week! Title: Graph Pebbling Speaker: Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, Hope College When/Where: 11 am on Thur, Nov 29 in VanderWerf 104 Abstract: Pebbling is a process defined on a connected graph. Pebbles are configured on vertices of the graph and are moved along the edges. A pebbling move consists of taking two pebbles from a vertex, placing one on an […]

Off on a Tangent 17.5

The irrationality of pi will be presented in next week’s colloquium Title: Niven’s Proof of the Irrationality of Pi Speaker: Dr. Aaron Cinzori, Hope College When/Where: Tuesday, November 13, at 11:00 a.m. in VWF 102 Abstract:  Approximations of the value of pi are known to a ridiculous number of digits.  But to actually establish that pi is not […]

Off on a Tangent 17.4

A colloquium for the dogs Title: Do Dogs Know Calculus? Speaker: Dr. Tim Pennings, Davenport University When/Where: 11:00 AM on Thursday, November 8 in VanderWerf 102 A standard calculus problem is to find the quickest path from a point on shore to a point in the lake, given that running speed is greater than swimming […]

Off on a Tangent 17.3

The intricacies of card shuffling will be explored in the next colloquium Title: Card Shuffling 101 Speaker: Dr. Darin Stephenson, Hope College Mathematics Department When/Where: 4:00 pm, Thur. Oct 25 in Schaap 1000 Abstract: We discuss the physical process of card shuffling (by various methods) and ways in which these processes can be modeled mathematically. Interesting mathematical questions […]

Off on a Tangent 17.2 (part b)

Colloquium Next Week Tuesday Title: The P2 + P’ problem and George Polya Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Hope College When/Where: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 11:00 am in VWF 102 Many open problems in entire function theory, specifically, the distribution of zeros of real entire functions, can be tracked back to work by George Polya.  One of these such […]

Off on a Tangent 17.2

Ice Cream and Fun Recap The mathematics faculty wants to thank everyone who stopped by to enjoy ice cream sundaes with us on Friday, September 7 at our annual Fall Social event. It was fun to mingle while playing “Would you rather…” and discussing important topics such as footwear, vegetables and time travel!   It’s always wonderful […]

Off on a Tangent 17.1

Welcome! Welcome to a new edition of Hope College Mathematics Department’s newsletter, Off on a Tangent. While this is not our first edition, it is the first edition that is published on Hope College’s blog network. We published previous editions on our own server (which will soon be put to rest) for the past 16 years […]