Off on a Tangent 18.10

Statistics colloquium set for Monday Title: Statistics is not an easy bake oven Speaker: Dr. Phil Boonstra, University of Michigan When/Where: Monday, March 2 at 4:00 PM in VanderWerf 104 Abstract: Statistics is sometimes viewed—and taught—as if it were an easy bake oven: add some data, choose the right settings, and await your (scrumptious?) answer. As it […]

Off on a Tangent 18.09

Department Changes Three big changes have happened in the mathematics department in the past couple months. First of all, we have been approved to provide a minor in Statistics. This minor includes taking the following courses: Calculus 2 (132), Introductory Statistics (311 or 210), Applied Statistical Methods (312), Applied Statistical Methods 2 (313) or Mathematical […]

Off on a Tangent 18.08

Two colloquiums scheduled in the next fortnight Title: The Numerical Range of the Product of a Composition Operator and an Adjoint of a Composition Operator Speaker: Dr. Michael Dabkowski, University of Michigan-Dearborn Time/Location: Thur, Feb 6 @ 4:00 PM in VWF 104 Abstract: Composition operators take a function and compose it with another function (called […]

Off on a Tangent 18.07

Joint Mathematics Meetings Professor Edwards sent in a couple of pictures from the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, Colorado. One is the obligatory ABS (awkward boarding selfie) of herself, Prof. Yurk, Cole Persch, Eric Leu, and Jack Krebsbach as they embarked on their journey. (And no, that is not Prof. Cusack’s head in the background.) […]

Off on a Tangent 18.06

Problem solvers of the fortnight Congratulations to Pablo Bejarano, Josiah Brett, Griffin Bruso, Anna Carlson, Luke Christensen, Austin Cortes, Adair Cutler, Liz Cutlip, Adam Czeranko, Eli Edwards-Parker, Liam Faber, Mackenzie Green, Blake Harlow, Jacob Harrelson, Rebekah Harrelson, Adam Heisler, Fiona Johnson, Tyler Koran, Jacob Kowalski, Peter Le, Rebekah Ludema, James Mandeville, Matthew Nguyen, Josie Surel, […]

Off on a Tangent 18.05

Student Research Colloquium Title: Student Research Speaker: Hope Students When: 11:00 AM on Tuesday, November 19 Where: VanderWerf 102 Abstract: Hope mathematics students will talk about the research they have been conducting over the past year. Joint Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium Title: Scalable Algorithms and Hybrid Parallelization Strategies for Multivariate Integration with ParAdapt and […]

Off on a Tangent 18.04

Zeno’s paradox and more in next week’s colloquium Title: Zeno’s paradox, the harmonic series, and 1=1/2??? Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Edwards When: Tuesday, October 29 @ 4:00 PM Where: VanderWerf 104 Abstract: Zeno’s paradox says that before one can get to position A, one must first get halfway there. Before one can get to the halfway […]

Off on a Tangent 18.03

Colloquium next Thursday Speaker: Dr. Darin Stephenson Title: Modeling Data with Machine Learning When: Thursday, October 17, 2019 @ 4:00pm Where: Science Center 1000 Abstract:The prevalence of large sets of data in our technological society has given prominence to the issues involved in processing, displaying, modeling, and making decisions from data. The subject of data […]

Off on a Tangent 18.02

Problem-solving colloquium coming soon Title: Math Puzzles and Challenges Speaker: Dr. Tim Pennings, Davenport University Time/Location: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM in VanderWerf 102 Abstract: Polya, or was it Rudin, said that the heart of mathematics is solving problems. So put away your text books filled with useless definitions and theorems, put on your […]

Off on a Tangent 18.01

Mathematics students attend MathFest and win an award MathFest is an annual meeting of the Mathematics Association of America and this past summer the conference was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three Hope students presented papers during the conference. Jackson Krebsbach’s presented “Dunes and Drones: A Machine Learning Approach to Mapping Dune Vegetation Using Small Unmanned […]