Off on a Tangent 17.2 (part b)

Colloquium Next Week Tuesday Title: The P2 + P’ problem and George Polya Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Hope College When/Where: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 11:00 am in VWF 102 Many open problems in entire function theory, specifically, the distribution of zeros of real entire functions, can be tracked back to work by George Polya.  One of these such […]

Off on a Tangent 17.2

Ice Cream and Fun Recap The mathematics faculty wants to thank everyone who stopped by to enjoy ice cream sundaes with us on Friday, September 7 at our annual Fall Social event. It was fun to mingle while playing “Would you rather…” and discussing important topics such as footwear, vegetables and time travel!   It’s always wonderful […]

Off on a Tangent 17.1

Welcome! Welcome to a new edition of Hope College Mathematics Department’s newsletter, Off on a Tangent. While this is not our first edition, it is the first edition that is published on Hope College’s blog network. We published previous editions on our own server (which will soon be put to rest) for the past 16 years […]