The Academy Awards

The 80th annual Academy Awards will be presented this Sunday, hosted by Jon Stewart. You can both read about past awards and check out award winning movies at the library. Van Wylen is not Blockbuster, and doesn’t intend to be, but we have worked to improve our selection by buying prize winners and best reviewed films while also accepting gifts from personal collections. We even have Jon Stewart’s “America (the book)”. Let the library enhance your red carpet weekend!

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  1. getting movies at the library is always a great opportunity…

    films present an incredible opportunity as art, pop culture, and as well as being a great tool.

    Do not be ashamed that the library carries movies. I certainly would be surprised if you wrote that the library does not intend to be a Barnes and Noble.

    I think it’s fantastic that you strive to carry relevant films, award winning or otherwise in your library.

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