Off-Campus Access

loginThe end of the semester is fast approaching, which means deadlines for research projects are also coming near. Thinking of getting a head start over Thanksgiving break? There are two ways to access the library’s databases and journals when you’re not on campus. Visiting the off-campus database list gives you “off-campus friendly” links to use. When you click on the resource you need, you will be brought to the HopeCAT log-in screen. Simply enter your 1Hope username and password and you will have access to all the databases and journals you can normally access while on campus. You can also log in to HopeCAT directly using the same information. You will then be able to access all of the library’s resources until you close your browser.

If you have any trouble accessing a resource while off campus, please contact to report the problem, and we will try to resolve it.

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger.

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