Library Says Goodbye to Graduating Seniors

seniorsAs we have highlighted in the past, the library relies heavily on our fantastic student workers. This year we have a total of thirty graduating student workers in Hope’s Libraries. The library honored these students at a Wednesday luncheon at Butch’s. We spent the time hearing about students’ future plans and reminiscing about their time in the library. Our students are a talented and eclectic bunch and their post-grad plans are as diverse as they are: job searches around the world, Teach for America, medical school, kayaking and sailing, international travel, and much more.

When asked about some favorite memories from their work at the library, many of the students remembered fun times spent with library staff and fellow students. Vicki Vicencio remembered fondly when Colleen Conway would bring popsicles to the library and send the students away from their desks for a break to enjoy them. Along similar lines of food, Josh Headapohl enjoyed lunches out with staff at Thai Palace and Wild Chef, as well as shared frustrations over the atomic clock that just wouldn’t sync. The students had their share of fun with each other as well. Kyle Woodworth particularly liked Beth Ann Tieche’s enthusiastic patron count dances, proving that even the most mundane of library tasks can be a source of pleasure.

senior2As a memento to our valued student employees, each senior has selected an item to be added to the library’s permanent collection; you can seem them all pictured with their books, films, and music below. See here for a complete list of Senior Book Selections, 2010. Though we will miss them, we wish them the best in their future lives beyond Hope.

— Jessica Hronchek, Librarian

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