Farewell to Seniors

Yesterday, Hope celebrated graduation, welcoming about 745 students to the ranks of Hope College Alumni. The library also had its share of good-byes to say, with 27 student library workers graduating. The staff and students celebrated with a graduation lunch last Wednesday. Our students are heading out to do a range of exciting things with their degrees. Graduate plans include everything from teaching to nursing to ministry to work with Alzheimer’s patients. A couple of our students enjoyed their time in the library so much that they have plans to go on to grad school in Library Science!

When asked about their favorite memories from working in the library, students shared a variety of stories. Angelee Garcia recalled a patron making an interesting entrance into the Tech Lab… by stepping over the door rather than going through it. Sarah Fraser developed a new relationship with our Hiram Powers sculpture Matilda, who during a recent cleaning would often unnerve students as she stared eerily out from the director’s office. Several students expressed fond memories of John Dykstra’s appearance as Father Christmas at a library event (a fitting character given his excellent toy and knickknack collection).

We will remember these students gratefully for years to come. Each of them has contributed so much to our work in the library. They have also made a mark in a tangible way: each of them has selected an item to be added to the library’s permanent collection. You can view a list of these Senior selections.

— Jessica Hronchek, Reference and Instruction Librarian

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