Curriculum Library

The curriculum library, located on the second floor across from the Media Services desk, is a unique area in Van Wylen. While most of the library contains materials for college level research, the curriculum library contains a wide variety of things that may remind you of your elementary school days. Juvenile fiction ranging from picture books to the Twilight and Harry Potter series, educational games and teaching kits, an Ellison die cut machine, even puppets: all of these things are located in the curriculum library and are available to be checked out.

curric1Though the curriculum library may seem geared towards education majors, any student may find it useful. A book binder, large paper cutter, and the Ellison die cut are all great for making projects or posters for a class. If you babysit for a local family or teach Sunday school in the area, you could use something from the curriculum library to entertain or help teach the children you’re working with. The curriculum library also contains textbooks that local high schools use, so if you’re tutoring a student in the area, you can access his or her textbook in Hope’s library.

The curriculum library is also a good place to go to study. “A lot of people like to study here because it’s a nice bright room out of the way with some activity but not too much,” said Jan Zessin, Media Services Supervisor.

The next time you’re looking for a new study spot or need help entertaining young children, don’t forget about the curriculum library!

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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