Changes in the Library

It has been a busy summer in Van Wylen Library as various areas and rooms have received facelifts. The most obvious change is the Current Periodical section, which had half of the shelves removed and the remaining ones rotated 90 degrees. The original amount of shelving was no longer necessary as the library has canceled many print subscriptions in favor of online access. The resulting open area will be filled with comfy chairs and small tables to foster a nicer environment for browsing the remaining current journals and magazines.

The Cup & Chaucer, the library’s coffee shop in the lobby, is also being rearranged and remodeled. The serving area has been moved to the west side of the café, making it much more visible to passing students. More tables have been added, including a counter where the vending machines used to be. The vending machines have been moved to the second floor, just outside the computer lab in the southwest corner of the building. Beginning this fall, the Cup & Chaucer will be open more hours every day.
chaucerThis past academic year, a temporary writing center was created in the first floor project room. That has led to a larger space for the Fall semester. The new Writing Corner will be located at the south end of the first floor, and will have expanded hours (most afternoons and evenings). Students can make appointments for writing help by calling the English Department at x7620. They may also drop in without an appointment.

Finally, a new audio/video project room was opened on the second floor just as the Spring semester came to a close. The ACAT Technology Innovation Fund was used to purchase a 15” Macbook Pro laptop and Blue snowball microphone. Students can work on video projects using iMovie or Final Cut Express, and record voiceovers without the usual background noise that might get recorded in a larger setting. Students who wish to use this room need to check out the key from the Media Desk on the second floor. As always, the library welcomes suggestions from our users on how we can better serve your academic needs. Please feel free to speak to a staff member or fill out a suggestion card at the Reference Desk.

– Dave O’Brien, Head of Access Services

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